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Design and Fabrication of Extruded Aluminum Canopies.

Endurance Deck Canopy Systems:
• Aluminum Canopies either Roll-Formed or Extruded Aluminum
• Walkway Canopies
• Door or Window Canopies
• Dock or Entrance Canopies
Types of Extruded and Aluminum Canopies:
• Insulated Roof Systems
• “W” Pan System (Roll-form Aluminum)
• Freestanding or Attached Walkway Canopies
• Overhead Rod Support Canopies
• Flat Pan System Extruded or Roll-form Aluminum
• Cap/Pan Extruded Decking
• Cantilever

Value Engineering (Roll-Formed Canopy Systems)
Please call for VE (Value Engineering) Roll-Formed Aluminum Canopies.
Roll-Formed Aluminum Canopies provide the same protection as Extruded Aluminum Canopies but at a discounted price.
• Standard Overhead Kit with extruded aluminum Tubes
• Roll-Formed aluminum roof decks (roof decks 16″ “W” pans or flat pans)
• Roll-Formed aluminum gutter/fascia
• Standard colors are white or bronze, mill finish overhead rods.
(Additional powder coating options are available.)
• Roll-Formed Kits come complete fabricated ready for installation.

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All canopies are professional design following IBC 2006 and local building codes. We offer professional CAD drawings, installation of the canopies available. Engineered
sealed drawings by registered PE (when requested from owner or architect).

Designed on Exp C, 90mph wind, 20 PSF snow Perfect for a walkway, door or window protection – fully engineered and quality controlled to provide the best protection for your project. There are many applications designed for Extruded Aluminum Canopies (i.e. Hospitals, Schools, Loading Docks, Parking Areas). Extruded Aluminum Canopies can be installed as freestanding, attached or overhead rod support structures.

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